Sunday, May 31, 2009

Words & Herbs!

I learned a new word today. (Thanks, JM!)  Bloggable!  I love that... Here is another made-up word from last year's Youth Writers' Camp, "googleable" or "googlable"?!   I wonder how words are added to the dictionary?  If someone just begins using a word, and it catches on... then does it become a useful word?  I wonder if a certain number of people have to use the word?  Or does it have to be used across the country?  I think the most recent new words have been technology-based.  Old words still have value and meaning...

I removed irises from my herb garden this weekend.  They had taken it over!  So now my garden is all herbs.  The herbs in my garden are as follows: rosemary, thyme, oregano (two varieties), basil (two varieties; one a French Basil, really!  seeds are from FRANCE!), feverfew, chocolate mint, cilantro, sage, parsley(two varieties) and chamomile.  I have been pondering all weekend about my little herb garden.  I was thinking about a theme-garden.  As I was perusing an herb book and internet, I saw all kinds of themes from nursery rhyme gardens to healing gardens.  In one of my books I found some words that herbs represent!  For instance, rosemary represents "remembrance".  Then, in a former-student's Facebook status, I saw a quote that I fell in love with; "often we run from the purging and pruning, forgetting the gardener knows- that the deeper the cutting and trimming, the richer the cluster that grows."  It is from a very long poem out of a devotional book, Streams in the Desert.  Well, this afternoon my theme idea blossomed!  Words & Herbs!   I like that very much!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Day of Summer for a Teacher!

Slept later than usual, but not as late as I meant to.  Took Beau outside for his morning ritual, before I get mine started.  Drank my first cup of coffee... AHH!!  The usual routine for a morning.  Every day starts the same, except TODAY is my first day of summer break!  What is so different than every other Saturday?  No planning required!  No papers to grade!  Simply the feeling of being behind, not left behind, is gone...POOF!  

Rocking in my recliner with Beauregard at my side, drinking my steaming cup of coffee, reading my devotional, talking with God... all the comforts and security of home.  The only thing that is missing is anything having to do with school, all summer!  I remember running the normal Saturday chores in my mind.  But, I think... I have all summer to do those things: dust, mop, wash clothes, straighten the clutter, wash dishes, etc.  Washing dishes won out!  And that was it!  

Everything else accomplished today never made it to my list!  Got Beau's flea/tick meds, so he can walk on the Greenway with the "Walkers & Waggers"!  Headed home to dig up irises!  Clean out my herb garden!  Don was building cutest picket-fence for the backdrop of my fragrant herb garden.  This tiny garden is the first view of our yard as we pull up the driveway... softly whispering, "Welcome Home, Friends!" 

 This is how I loved my first day of summer!  Many more to come...AAHHH!


Friday, May 29, 2009


Beginnings are difficult.  
Beginnings are exciting.  
Beginnings are emotional.  
Beginnings are scary.  
Beginnings are unknown.
Beginnings are stressful.
Beginnings are blank pages.
Beginnings are hope!  

Where there is a beginning; 
something ends.
Endings are sad.
Endings are final.  
Endings are a relief.  
Endings are empty.  
Endings are difficult.
Endings are separation.
Endings are closure.
Endings are freeing! 

Then life's events continue in this way:
Beginning again,

Dedicated to sixth graders who are moving on... 
Especially: Gia, Livi, Olivia, Annea
Remember: Girl Power!!     

Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of another year!

The end of another school year draws near.  This one finds me tired, concerned, and wondering what will next year's group be like!?!  I am more tired this year than I have ever been.  Yes, I am getting older, could that be the problem?  Or could it be lack of exercise?  I know when I am on a regular workout schedule my stress level is much less... all those wonderful little endorphins making me feel "happy"!  When all the little students make me "crazy"!  : )  I do love teaching children... I am just very concerned about the cultural changes our society has been through and is experiencing now.  In my short time of teaching, I have witnessed several unsettling instances. More and more, there are fewer kids who want to learn for the sake of learning!  I will be attending an inservice tomorrow afternoon on How to Motivate the Unmotivated!  I wonder what tricks the presenter has... and if he/she is an actual classroom teacher.  I can say, I hope I will be motivated to hear him at this late date in the school year!  I will put on my game face!!  Hopefully, I will be able to remember motivational experience for next year's group.... note-taking will be occurring!  : )


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Mantra

I am trying desperately to get back to my morning devotional. Desperately because I feel I have moved too far from God's word and message for my daily life... it truly is my "Daily Bread". 

Today, as I was reading Sue Monk Kidd's book of inspiration, God's Joyful Surprise: Finding Yourself Loved, I read and chewed on the following:  "Reflection is in many ways a lost art.  It is an eyepiece to a world hidden away, the world within ourselves which is alive with truths and beauties and darkness we have never glimpsed... I continue to become a stranger not only to myself but a stranger to God....I would spread a drop of my life across my mind and ponder it like a child with a microscope. "  There is so much more!  

I get so very excited when I see God working... listen to this:  I started my "Reflections" blog Memorial Day... yesterday, I blogged about Common Decency.  Remember the part where I said..."Hmmm... did I say "I"... maybe THAT is part of the problem...  Today, God revealed to me that indeed HE is in charge of my life, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.  HE is the only one I should honor!  This is stuff I have known all my life... It is when I "leave" Him and try to do things on my own that my life seems to spin out of control.  (Reference: Malachi 2:1-9 and Judges 5:16) 

All this to say... my mantra has become: Honor God in everything!  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wonderings on Common Decency

Trying to stay positive is becoming more and more challenging in our world.  Sad to say... there is so much sarcasm and disrespect even in the tone people use when talking to each other. Have we gotten to busy that we have forgotten common decency of taking time to listen and care for each other... to respond with just a simple nod or smile?  I have heard if you can't same something nice... don't say anything at all!  I think this should apply to tone as well!

I made a promise to myself and God that I would attempt to be a more positive person: at home, at school, everywhere!  So far today, I have blown it!  My morning started out at 3AM with an "explosion" in my belly!  Needless to say... not much sleep after that!  My morning didn't get off quite the way I had expected.  Hmmm... did I say "I"... maybe THAT is part of the problem...  

I get to school to begin the last three and a half days... that is a big-time positive, right?  Yep... except the fact that we are getting emails telling us to do things that we were told earlier this year, not to do!  Oh well... STAY POSITIVE!!  Oh yeah, the other memo about packing up ALL books from shelves!  Did I mention I have about 1500 books!  ARGH!!  STAY POSITIVE!!

The kids were great today.  AR Celebration, reading, puzzlers!  Such fun!  I really stumped them on one "wordle".  I even offered free ice cream for the one who guessed correctly at recess!  No one got it!
" _IBRARY"  -   If you are reading my blog... can you guess this?

I digress... back to common decency!  I don't know?  But this I do know... common decency should and could have the same effect as negative tone and sarcasm.  The ripple-effect could definitely work!  I think that will be my goal for tomorrow!  Use common decency sprinkled with a smile and kindness in my tone... let's see how many folks are affected positively by this little experiment.  I am not talking "random acts of kindness" here; just common courtesy and decency demonstrated through tone and words!  

Wish me luck...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 Refections

This weekend was a "working-holiday weekend" for Don and me.  Our home has the new roof  and windows installed in workout room; gutters to go.  Don & I reinstalled the screens on the back porch in between the rain showers.  Don is such a determined worker!  He loves to get an early start, was at it before 7AM; not sure the neighbors enjoyed the humm of the saw on this holiday morning.   At 6PM "we" are finally through for this Memorial Day.  I have my place of tranquility back... save the scraping of the ceiling fan.  Don hit it with something TALL! 

Been thinking a lot today about soldiers who sacrificed time away from home and for some, their lives,  so that we can do what we do daily. Let us never take this gift for granted!
THANK YOU!!  Seems so insignificant!

My dad was in three wars: World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War.  I didn't know he was in WWII until after he died!  I cannot imagine the carnage and destruction his eyes have seen.  I wish he had  talked about his experiences... I guess they were much too painful.  I am proud to have had him as my Daddy!  Even though he was bull-headed as all-get-out!  Hmmm... I am my Father's daughter!

As I close today's blog... I wonder if I will blog daily?  weekly? bi-monthly? I guess it depends on what I have to say.  Or maybe I should just write daily whether I have anything to say or not... that is what I would want my students to do!  

Memorial Day 2009

I am wondering how my new blogspot looks?  What will I write?  How often will I write?  
I did it!  Let's see during the time it took me to set up my blogsite, Don built a gate for our carport barrier, maybe a little more than an hour?  Time to get up and get that second cup of coffee!  See what the day holds... Happy Memorial Day!