Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Women in My Life

The Women in My Life...

Today was an amazing and, yet, bittersweet day. Amazing: I ran/walked my first half-

marathon! Bittersweet: In view of the finish line paramedics frantically working on a

“sister” run in view of the finish line. To have such a high and a low simultaneously is

quite overwhelming. As I ran toward the finish line, with a sweet friend by my side, I

prayed for this fellow runner and those tending to her. I had just said a prayer for my

friendʼs knee, which was causing her pain. The finish line in sight I ran. We held our

hands up in victory, while a runner was struggling for her life! Something seemed so

wrong! Finisherʼs Medal placed on my neck...bittersweet. Someone was calling my

name. Voices from the side were calling my running buddyʼs name. I ran to the voice

calling my name and practically fell in to her arms. From fatigue, maybe... from

overwhelming emotion that I actually finished, probably...from a broken heart for the

downed runnerʼs son or daughter, husband, mom and dad, sister and brother...oh, yes!

All sorts of thoughts ran tumbled inside of me and have ever since the moment I saw

the paramedics working feverishly. Visions of plastic over her face. Paddles pushing

against her chest. My heart cried out, “God, please let her finish this race!” At this

point, I donʼt know the outcome. All I know, is that the scene has created a hollow spot

in my heart and images in my mind that I never thought I would ever feel or see. Will

writing erase the images...probably not. Will I learn the fate of this woman...maybe.

Will this have an impact on me...oh, yes!

This is what I know...

The women in my life are simply blessings to me. I want to let them any everyone else

know this. I am sure the lady who went down had friends with her, support from family

and friends. I wonder if she has facebook friends with whom she shared the small

moments of her life? I wonder if she was a teacher, nurse, lawyer, doctor? I wonder if

she was a grandmother or so wished to be one? I wonder if she was running with

friends, a precious daughter or daughter-in-law? As I wander through my wonderings...

I think of the women in my life who have made an impact, past and present.

Numerous of the women whose paths have crossed mine. As the letters appear on this

screen...just know, this list could go on forever. And from time to time, I hope to visit this

again and share more.

My mom, a precious angel in heaven. I felt your presence today! I ran by the Elliston

Soda Shoppe. I remember you telling me that was one of your favorite “hangouts”. As I

ran down Broadway towards the Cumberland River, Shavon and I were talking about

our moms... I feel your love, comfort, fears, and encouragement on a daily basis. You

continue to live in my heart; you are my moral compass.

My beautiful sister, Annette. I donʼt see or talk to her near enough! But every time we

talk, via phone, messages, or in person; I am astonished with the accomplishments of

her life. Four “all-boy” boys, ranging in age from 54 to 5; she loves, consoles,

separates, conjoles, referees, and compromises. Always with style and flair! She is

one amazing sister! Annette, you know I love you and always will!

My brother has done many fine things in his life, but the finest: to have found his soul-

mate, my precious sister-in-law, Linda. Linda loves him and Annette and I,

unconditionally; always has and always will! She has been through some tough

obstacles in her life...and has become stronger in her faith because of this. She is the

rock in my brotherʼs life, although sometimes I donʼt think he realizes it. Linda, God

knew what he was doing when he put you and Kenneth together. He gave me a second

sister I love and adore.

God has blessed me with a fine Christian woman as a second-mother. As I typed,

“step-mom”, I thought, “Absolutely not... Janice is my second-mother.” God needed my

momʼs help in heaven, December 20th, 1993. That was the summer of the Oklahoma

bombing where many babies and toddlers lives were ended by the thoughtless and

cruel act of “home-grown” terrorism. God needed my momʼs unselfish love and

compassion in heaven, her work on earth was complete. With many “tries” - all

unsuccessful- my dad finally met Janice. It is true, they found love in the K-Mart parking

lot. To hear her tell of this fortuitous meeting is so sweet, but it is her story to tell, not

mine. My story is this... God took my sweet momma and then my strong dad home to

heaven. In both of their places, he gave me Janice! You see, God is so good; He knew

I would need the kindness and compassion my mom possessed as well as the fortitude

and independent-mindedness of my father. All rolled in one petite precious package

known as Janice. I know God has intentions of allowing her numerous days on this

earth... I am a “needy” second-daughter! Janice and I do have such good times

together! A visit to her Unionville home, watching her Jenny chase my Beau, makes us

laugh and grow to love each other more dearly. Janice, you are Godʼs gift to me! I love

you! My mom would have loved you, too!

Friends, beach-sisters, cousins, aunts, mentors, coaches. former students~ your stories

are yet to come... Today, I want to say from the depths of my soul and heart, with God

as my witness...

Without your imprint on my life, I would be nothing! Todayʼs events has made such as

impact on me... I am so thankful for your presence, your encouragement, your

guidance, your wisdom, your listening ear, your time, your love and so much more!

Your stories are yet to come...

God, thank you for blessing me with the compassionate, strong, independent, sweet,

kind-hearted, loving, gentle women in my life! I am so thankful you have allowed me

another day on this earth and given me the ability to share this with these lovely ladies.

You are so good to me; I deserve so much less. Thank you for you for placing these

women in my life: they encircle me with Your love; You “put me under Your wings”

through them in every, single day! Amen!