Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Snow Found Poem~Source Facebook Statuses

Snow on Midstate

What a perfect morning

Snowed last night

I-24 - black ice

Cars sideways

Cars in ditches

Cars sliding past us


MPD to the rescue

Isn’t it beautiful!

Sun rising on one side

Moon still in the sky on the other side

Dusting os sugary snow

On everything

Happiness is...

Waking up to a

beautiful snowfall


oh my word!

It snowed

can’t actually

believe it!


Snow more & tons,


Keep it safe for cars and planes

Snow! Cool!!

Rockette’s at 2

State Championship Football

in the snow

First snow of the season

Not a whole lot

Nice to see some

Slept through...

the snow

Woke up this morning

to a

face-full of snow!

Snowing at 4:30 this morning

It was really

I know

I saw it!

Fell this morning on ice

Ibuprofen & heating pad

my friends

Snow already?


Love the snow

Only better:

School day snow

TIdied up the house

Kick off the holiday season

Christmas shopping

Christmas wrapping

Fa La La Lala La la la LA!!

Parade of Lights,



all the snow melted

Don’t go any where near



First Christmas card today

Hearing from friends & family

Favorite part of the holiday

Believe it or not,

I survived!

Just got Boiled Custard...


Baby, it’s cold outside

Note to self:

Google “Fantasy Fudge”

include the word “recipe”

Snow is Beautiful

Black ice... not so much

totaled truck this morning