Sunday, March 8, 2015

Monday? Friday?

Monday?  Friday?

Tomorrow's Monday.  
Back to school after 
two snow days and 
Springing Forward!
It will not be the normal Monday... 
more like the normal Friday, 
but it will be MONDAY!
At least 
there will not be a 
full moon!  


  1. It's hard to figure out what day it is when snow days and weekends collide. My district had snow days on a Tuesday, Wed, Fri and then Monday. I felt like I was coming back after spring break. Lovely poem.

  2. I feel you! LOL All I thought last week, as we had school FIVE DAYS IN A ROW (amazing!) was "Really? Another full moon?" Enjoy your Monday. Maybe we will get back in the swing of things before summer hits. Jennifer Sniadecki